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Rhode Island dollars for Trump's border wall? No way.

Rep. Aaron Regunberg has introduced legislation to prohibit the state of Rhode Island from investing in companies that contract with the federal government to build President Trump’s proposed border wall. “This is about our values as a state. Rhode Island was founded by immigrants, and at every point in » read more

Statement on Trump's Hateful Immigration Orders

I am proud to stand with so many fellow Rhode Islanders as we raise our voices against the un-American bigotry put forward by Donald Trump on Friday. Today we are sending a message that this neo-Nazi authored rot has no place in our country and no place in the lively » read more

Taxing Outrageous CEO Pay

Rep. Aaron Regunberg has introduced legislation that would impose a surtax on companies that pay their chief executive officers more than 100 times what they pay their median worker. The bill (2017-H 5141) would establish a surtax on the business corporation tax for publicly traded corporations subject to U.S. » read more

Fair Shot Agenda

On Thursday I was proud to join a group of state representatives to announce our collective support for the “Fair Shot Agenda,” a package of four legislative solutions they propose to support working families and address the growing gap between the wealthy and the middle class. “In the aftermath of » read more

End of Year Message

Dear Neighbors, I wanted to wish you a joyous holiday season, and a hopeful New Year. I say “hopeful” because I believe that hope is going to be really important in the coming year and beyond. Since the presidential election in November, I have heard from many, many neighbors who » read more