Political Roundtable: Regunberg On His Primary Race With McKee, Brown's Gov Run & The Gun Debate


Aaron joins the Political Roundtable to discuss the growing gubernatorial field, his primary challenge to Lt. Gov. Dan McKee, and the gun debate at the Statehouse.

Listen here: http://ripr.org/post/political-roundtable-regunberg-his-primary-race-mckee-browns-gov-run-gun-debate#stream/0

Bonus Q&A - on a range of issues, including the Providence parking ticket controversy, his stance on the PawSox stadium, why he's running for lieutenant governor, and much more.

Listen here: http://ripr.org/post/bonus-qa-regunberg-providence-tickets-pawsox-whys-he-running-lg-more#stream/0


Babaak Parcham