UpriseRI: Indivisible RI- No President is above the law

February 25, 2018
by Steve Ahlquist

Over 200 people gathered at the Rhode Island State House Saturday afternoon as part of Indivisible Rhode Island‘s “No president is above the law” rally. Similar events were held across the country, organized by IndivisibleMoveOn.org and/or March For Truth. The Rhode Island rally featured speakers from various Rhode Island political groups and was emceed by Kamila BarzykowskiSteven Belaus provided music.

Organizers saw the event as a reminder to President Donald Trump to not interfere in Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s Russia/Trump investigation and as an objection to an alarming “shift away from democratic ideals [and] towards the Trump agenda of authoritarianism, corruption and racism.” But the event touched upon many of the evils of the present administration.

In addition to Indivisible Rhode Island the event was supported locally by Resist Hate Rhode IslandThe Woman Project, the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence and FLAG Rhode Island.

“When you have an administration that is challenging and threatening democratic institutions, that is breaking democratic norms, it is our responsibility to step up and send a message that we are prepared to protect our republic…”

More Video and Pictures of the event can be found at: https://upriseri.com/news/activism/2018-02-24-indivisible-ri/

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