Regunberg Talks About His Run for Lt. Governor’s Office on GoLocal LIVE

Aaron Regunberg announced Tuesday that he is challenging incumbent Democrat Dan McKee for the party's nomination for Lt. Governor.

Regunberg, in his mid-20s, is considered one the most Progressive members of the General Assembly. In contrast, McKee is considered extremely conservative Democrat — pro-business and pro-charter school. The two could not be more different.

Regunberg talks about “working families” and “justice.” McKee is much more traditional Democrat. According to a recent poll by John Della Volpe's SocialSphere conducted in partnership with, more than 50 percent of Rhode Islanders do not know or could not rate McKee's job performance after three-years in office.

Regunberg is a ferocious fundraiser and looks to match or exceed the fundraising of McKee. As of June 30, Regunberg has $155,000 cash on hand and McKee reports has $90,000. New campaign finance reports will be public at the end of October.

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