Press Release: Rep Regunberg Calls on Legislature to Repeal DMV Fee


November 4, 2017


Repeats call to raise needed revenue by having top 1% pay fair share

Providence - Rep. Aaron Regunberg called on the state legislature to rescind the DMV’s authority to charge a $250 fee on late car inspections, as the Department proposed to begin collecting on January 1.

“State government can and must be a vehicle to help working families. We all contribute so we can collectively make the investments - in education, infrastructure, critical services - that our communities need. But every time the state makes up deficits with fees that disproportionately impact middle-class and working families, it hurts folks instead of helping them and damages people’s faith in their government,” said Rep. Regunberg. “There’s another way. What if, instead of nickel-and-diming hardworking families, we asked the top 1% to pay their share by restoring the income taxes for the wealthiest that the state has repeatedly cut and closing the carried interest loophole that allows hedge fund millionaires to pay less taxes than nurses and teachers?”

Regunberg, a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, has introduced legislation to create a more progressive income tax system and to close the carried interest loophole, and says he will continue to fight for tax fairness in the coming legislative session.

“Our tax system is fundamentally regressive,” Regunberg said. “Right now in Rhode Island, middle- and low-income families pay almost twice as high a share of their family income in state and local taxes as the top 1%. That’s not good economic policy, and another $250 fine is just going to make it harder for the folks who are already struggling to get by. That’s why I will continue to call for the General Assembly to stop raising revenue off the backs of working families - such as with this DMV fee - and instead look to common sense solutions, like ensuring hedge fund millionaires aren’t paying a lower tax rate than custodians and firemen.”


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