What does it mean to bring the people's voice to the State House?

It's why I am running for Lieutenant Governor, and I want to tell you exactly how it can be done. Together, we can use the Lieutenant Governor's office to:


1. Organize to strengthen public accountability.


Representative government only works when the public has a real voice in the decisions that impact us. Yet our communities too often get shut out of the process.

As Lieutenant Governor, I will build a team that will work in cities and towns across our state to help Rhode Islanders come together, engage in the legislative process, and make their voices heard. We will turn the Lieutenant Governor's office into a welcome center and organizing hub right in the State House and invite thousands of new people into state government to pull politics out from behind closed doors.

voices into the state house.jpg

2. Build the powerful campaigns necessary to win progressive change.

Bold policy change requires strong coalitions and advocacy campaigns. Those don't come together naturally - they take time, resources, relationships, policy development, and lots of coordination.

Corporations and billionaires have legions of lobbyists to do this work, but the grassroots advocates working to guarantee healthcare as a fundamental human right, or launch a Green New Deal, or make the top 1% pay their fair share, or any other bold policy - they don't have those same resources.

As Lieutenant Governor, I will use the convening authority of the office and its staff capacity to bring stakeholders together, build strong coalitions, and organize. Rhode Islanders fighting for the public good will have a true partner in state government supporting them to win real change.


3. Push to reform business as usual.


We know there is too much power concentrated in too few hands at the State House. The system needs to change. And the Lieutenant Governor - as an independent, constitutionally separate office - is in a unique position to drive that change.

As Lieutenant Governor, I will use the position's statewide bullhorn to advocate for reform - to change the rules that give a small number of politicians a chokehold on power; to outlaw lobbyist contributions during the legislative session; to adopt public financing of elections so we can get money out of politics.

If we want to take back our government for the people, then we need an independent public advocate to lead that fight. That's what this campaign is all about. I hope I can count on your support!