Aaron Regunberg fought to take on a rigged system by passing laws to help everyday Rhode Islanders. He’s running for Lieutenant Governor to push for even bigger change.

Women's Rights

As a legislator and organizer, Aaron has brought diverse coalitions together to win real change that a lot of political insiders didn’t think was possible.

As state representative, he led the fight to give Rhode Island's tipped workers their first pay raise in 20 years, taking on decades of corporate obstruction to make it easier for moms and dads hustling tables and parking cars to make ends meet.

Aaron won passage of online voter registration, and created new clean energy programs to expand renewable energy and combat climate change in every city and town. He passed bills to help prevent drug overdose, and helped win a net neutrality policy to keep the internet free and open in Rhode Island.

Aaron received an “F” from the NRA for his leadership pushing for gun violence prevention and fighting to get military style weapons off our streets.

And last year, Aaron led the fight to guarantee paid sick days for over 100,000 Rhode Islanders who never before had that security. Now, tens of thousands of families won’t have to keep making painful choices between their job and caring for a sick child or an elderly parent.

Pharmaceutical corporations, fossil fuel interests, the NRA and other groups write big checks that can drown out the voices of working families. It’s time to take back our State House.

These fights are personal for Aaron. He was raised by a single mom, Erica, who always stressed the importance of treating families of all kinds with fairness and respect.

After his dad died, Aaron’s grandparents moved in to help. His grandma, Bunny Regunberg, was a fighter. She had to be, as the Executive Director of her local Planned Parenthood in the years before Roe v. Wade. Bunny taught Aaron that empowering people to make choices for themselves is critical, and standing up for what’s right is a fundamental responsibility.

Aaron began his work in politics helping public school students make their voices heard. He founded a citywide nonprofit, the Providence Student Union, that won healthier lunches, less drill-kill standardized testing, bus transportation for thousands of kids who were walking three miles to school, and much more. He’s been fighting for change ever since.

Will our next lieutenant governor fight for a state that works for the many, or one that’s rigged for the few?
Aaron Regunberg protesting corporate greed

That is what this race comes down to. Will our next lieutenant governor fight for a state that works for the many, or one that’s rigged for the few?

Will we stand with working families who want basic standards like sick time, a living wage and equal pay, or will we side with corporate lobbyists blocking their way?

Will we fight for healthcare as a fundamental right, or will we bow to drug companies that want to keep hiking prices to increase their profits?

Will we take action to prevent gun violence and get military style weapons off our streets, or will we let the NRA dictate our future?

Will we stand up for our public school students and teachers and families, or will we support the Betsy DeVos privatization agenda?

Will we listen to Rhode Island women calling for state protections for their right to choose, or will we block legislation for reproductive healthcare?

On each of these questions, Aaron and his opponent, Dan McKee, have very different records. From sick time to the minimum wage to reproductive healthcare, Dan McKee has been on the sidelines, or has actively sided with corporate interests against everyday working people. And all the while he has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Republican mega-donors and corporate lobbyists.

That’s our choice on September 12th: Will we stand with the money or will we stand with the people? Aaron is in this race to stand with the people, and will never stop fighting to build a Rhode Island that works for everyone.