Aaron Regunberg is running for Lieutenant Governor to be the people’s advocate – a voice for everyone who doesn’t have a lobbyist at the State House.

Women's Rights

As a legislator and organizer, Aaron has been an independent leader, bringing people together to solve real problems. In the Lt. Governor’s office, Aaron will bring real, progressive reform to Rhode Island. Aaron’s Democratic values run deep. He was raised by a single mom and extended family - like his grandma, Bunny, a Planned Parenthood chapter executive director in the years before Roe v. Wade. And his Grandpa Ralph, a refugee from the Holocaust, who came to our country seeking freedom, safety and the American dream. Aaron knows that our democracy and our rights are worth fighting for, and that we must stand up for what’s right.

As a state representative I have spoken out about the ways the political and economic system is rigged against everyday people.

Aaron founded an organization to support the power of young people, the Providence Student Union. Through PSU students have won healthier lunches, secured a better approach to standardized testing, and improved students' access to free school transportation. This work has impacted thousands of the city’s youth, while teaching Aaron that big change is possible when voices from the community are actually involved in the political decisions that impact them.

Since his election to the General Assembly, Aaron has led winning, grassroots campaigns to support working families, reform our criminal justice system, and expand renewable energy. Aaron’s legislation to increase the tipped minimum wage – the first increase in 20 years – immediately put more money in the pockets of thousands of families across the state. His leadership secured earned sick days for over 100,000 families who did not have them. As Lieutenant Governor, Aaron will continue to take action on the issues that matter most.

Organizing campaigns with young people inspired me to run for office. They showed me what can happen when community voices are actually brought to the table.
Aaron Regunberg protesting corporate greed

Aaron has been a leader in standing up to Donald Trump’s dangerous, right-wing agenda. In the days after the 2016 election, he helped bring more than 1,000 people together, packed in a school cafeteria to plan our state's response, and since then they have built a strong network across Rhode Island. In the Lieutenant Governor’s Office, Aaron will keep bringing people together to protect our communities and our rights.

Guaranteeing access to healthcare; transitioning to 100% clean energy; standing up for a woman’s right to choose; defending hard-working immigrants; and supporting our public schools – these are the issues Aaron will continue to champion as Lt. Governor. He will be a voice for the Rhode Islanders who don’t have a lobbyist, and an advocate for the people.