Women's Rights

Women's Rights

Advancing Women's Issues

Growing up, two of Aaron's biggest inspirations were his mother, who raised his sister and him on her own, and his grandma, Bernice Regunberg, who served as the first Executive Director of the Dutchess County Planned Parenthood in the days before Roe v. Wade. Aaron is a proud advocate for women’s rights, including equal pay, fair treatment in hiring, and access to reproductive health services. Women workers, on average, make 77 cents to every dollar made by male workers (and the gap is even larger for women of color), sexual harassment on the job persists in many industries, and every year it seems like women’s access to health screenings and reproductive services is threatened at the State House.

As our State Representative, Aaron will...

  • Continue to stand proudly with Planned Parenthood and fight any and all attempts to decrease access to reproductive services.
  • Fight for equal pay legislation. Work with legislative colleagues to change the culture of the State House, which in so many ways continues to be an "old boys' club."

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