No new fracked gas power plant

Yesterday I took one of my most important votes on the House floor.

For months, I have been working alongside community and environmental groups to fight back against a proposal for an enormous new fracked gas power plant in Burrillville, Rhode Island.

Our planet is on a knife's edge right now. The science is very clear - if we continue building new fossil fuel infrastructure, whether it's the Keystone XL pipeline or this Burrillville power plant, our climate doesn't have a shot.

Yesterday's legislation, sponsored by Burrillville's Representative Keable and Senator Fogarty, gives the local community an opportunity to hold a referendum on this logic-defying new plant. It passed overwhelmingly.

Now here's the bad news: Governor Raimondo has been a major supporter of this fracked gas plant, and she has threatened to veto our legislation.

Make no mistake, a veto by the governor represents a suicidal double-down on the same dangerous fossil fuels that have taken our climate to the brink and that promise so much more destruction in coming years.

But we can stop this bad decision, right here, right now.

Please join me in calling on the Governor to not to make this mistake. Her office can be reached by phone at (401) 222-2080 or by email at

On a final note, there are a lot of good people in the building trades who support this proposal, and I feel for them - they need work, and they see this project as their best chance to support their families. That's why I also commit to fighting - just as hard - for a renewable energy agenda that will create good, family-supporting jobs for folks who need them. We know it's possible, and I'm ready for the fight.