Tax Fairness

Tax Fairness

Standing Up for a Fair Budget

Our government has a responsibility to provide for all of its citizens, not just the privileged few. The trickle-down tax policy of cutting income taxes for the wealthiest 1% has starved the state of revenue and forced municipalities to increase property and car taxes for working families. As State Representative, I will fight for a fairer budget that asks the wealthiest to pay their fare share, provides property tax relief to communities like ours by restoring state aid to cities and towns, and makes the investments – in infrastructure, public transportation, education, and more – that our economy needs to thrive.

As our State Representative, Aaron...

  • Sponsored H-5206, a bill to increase state aid to cities and towns and decrease regressive property taxes by repealing tax cuts for the wealthiest Rhode Islanders.
  • Will continue to stand up against budgetary policies the rig game against middle class families.

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