End of Year Message

Dear Neighbors,

I wanted to wish you a joyous holiday season, and a hopeful New Year.

I say “hopeful” because I believe that hope is going to be really important in the coming year and beyond.

Since the presidential election in November, I have heard from many, many neighbors who are fearful about the future. I share that fear. Donald Trump has promised an assault on many of the values - tolerance, justice, economic fairness - that our community holds most dear. And with Republican majorities in Congress, he has real power to follow through on those promises.

But we cannot lose hope. Because the good news is, we have many tools at our disposal to push back against Trump’s dangerous agenda and protect our communities and our values here in Rhode Island.

If Trump and his team of robber barons and bigots try to target Muslims, or immigrants, or the LGBTQ community, or reproductive rights, or civil liberties, we must fight back with stronger protections at the state level.

If Trump tries to privatize public lands, reverse action on climate change, and conspire with the fossil fuel industry, we must accelerate Rhode Island’s commitment to clean energy and our environment.

If Trump gives his billionaire friends a tax break and dismantles healthcare reform and vital public services, we must strengthen our investments in the public good here in Rhode Island.

And when Trump tries to do with government what he’s done with his businesses - stiff workers and eliminate protections for middle-class families - we must respond with the positive economic agenda working families are desperate for: a living wage, paid sick time, affordable college, and more.

There’s a lot we can do, which means there’s a lot we must do. As your state representative, I commit to putting everything I’ve got into this critical and urgent work, including my time, my energy, and my hope.

But elected officials like me will never be able to make this kind of change alone. These policy goals can only be achieved with pressure, activism, and organizing from the community. If Rhode Islanders want our state to preserve its values in the aftermath of Trump’s election, then Rhode Islanders themselves need to demand it.

Every one of us can make a powerful, concrete difference - we just need to know how to engage. If you’re interested in receiving email updates about ways to get involved and opportunities to make your voice heard, please join my mailing list - you can do so here on this website, or by emailing me at aaron@regunbergforrep.com.

We live in a wonderful city, in a wonderful state, in a wonderful country, on a wonderful planet. There’s so much to be thankful for at this time of year - and so, so much to fight for. Let’s go forward into the new year with hope. I look forward to standing alongside you in the coming months and years. We can do this.