Earned Sick Time

Sarah is a fitness instructor from Pawtucket.

She's got two children - two and five years old - and they're both sick with the flu.

Sarah has to stay home to care for her kids. That means her family is losing income, and they're concerned - even a few days' lost pay could throw a serious wrench in their tight monthly budget.

We can do better for people like Sarah, and the thousands of families across our state who share her struggle. That's why earlier this year, legislative colleagues and I put forward the Fair Shot Agenda, designed to give every Rhode Islander an opportunity to succeed.

This Thursday, the House Labor Committee is holding a hearing on two Fair Shot bills: increasing the minimum wage and providing earned paid sick days to all Rhode Islanders.

Corporate lobbyists will be out in force to oppose our legislation. But we understand it's possible to support small businesses while helping workers, and that the interests of corporations shouldn't automatically outweigh the needs of hardworking families.

Will you tell members of the labor committee that no one who works full-time should be mired in poverty, and no Rhode Islanders should have to choose between their health and their paycheck? Join us at the State House on Thursday afternoon.

Thank you for standing up for folks like Sarah, and thousands of working families across our state!