Climate Change

Climate Change

Protecting Our Planet and Our Future

Climate change is the greatest existential threat humans have ever faced. We are already seeing increasingly strange and severe weather affect our communities and our economy in Rhode Island. The number of extreme heat days in our state has gone up by more than a third in recent decades, dozens of communities are increasingly threatened by flooding because of sea level rise, whole industries are being decimated - Rhode Island's lobster industry is basically gone, as warmer waters have caused lobster populations to move North. And the list goes on and on. We have a moral obligation to act now on climate change. And here's the thing - we can do so in ways that spur our local economy, establish energy independence, and make our communities healthier across the board.

As our State Representative, Aaron will...

  • Work to educate the many legislators who do not understand the urgency of climate action.
  • Fight to pass carbon pricing legislation that will allow us to invest in renewables and energy efficiency while providing a real stimulus to our state economy.
  • Stand up for energy diversification and strive to pass policies - like virtual net metering - that will spur our local renewables industry and ensure the benefits of solar and wind power and accessible to all our communities.

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